Thursday, May 7, 2015

♥Dance Tag!♥

Hey guys! Today I decided to to do the dance tag! These are some fun questions any dancer should answer. I tag everyone to do this tag! So post this to your blog or just answer them for fun! 
How long have you been dancing?
I started dancing when I was three, I took tap and ballet. It wasn't a very good school, but it was really fun for me! When I was seven I switched to a better dance school that focused on just ballet and that is where I currently train. I started getting very serious with ballet when I turned nine years old.
What are your least favorite styles of dance? 
I love watching all styles of dance, but I'm not very good at hip-hop so I guess that is my least favorite.
What are your favorite styles of dance?
I love Ballet, Modern, and Jazz.
Are you a competitive dancer?
Nope! But I would love to compete one day!
What is one dance flaw that you have that you would change, or a flaw on your body that would help you with dance?
I wish I was born with perfect turnout!
What is your favorite dance step?
Any kind of pirouette, its probably my favorite part of class! I especially love fouette turns! At the barre my favorite combination is adagio. I love petite allegro such as jeté and assemblé, but i also love across the floor! Grand allegro is so much fun for me and I love everything about it!
What do you want to improve on?
Strength and turnout. Even though I love fast movements I need to work strength for center in class.
Barefoot or dance shoes?Shoes for ballet class, and barefoot for modern.
Tights or no tights?
Definitely tights!
What is your favorite dance wear brand?
Hmmm.  I love Yumiko leotards, but I also wear Gaynor Minden almost everyday since its my dress code leotard.
What styles of dance do you currently do?
Ballet and modern.
Is dance your favorite sport?
What dancer do you look up to?
Natalia Osipova. It's also really cool we share the same first name!
What style of dance do you find the most difficult?
I’d probably say ballet because of the level of technique and proper placement it needs.
Why do you love dance?
Why do you breath?

Well, that's the tag!  I hope you guys liked it! Remember I tag everyone to do this tag!
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